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Loyalty Research

Customers’ Online Feedback: What to look for

Over at Entrepreneur Online, social media consultant Mikal Belicove offers some reasons why businesses need to pay to attention to customer feedback. Belicove’s tips are based on research conducted by Bazaarvoice, a Texas-based company best known for its ratings and software reviews.

Nobody can deny the importance of monitoring customer feedback. It is absolutely critical. So what do you look for when you are reviewing online comments for your business? Here are few questions that you need to answer as you look at the feedback:

  • Where are you under-performing in the eyes of customers? 

  • What issues need to be addressed in your product, service or with your staff?

  • Do customers consistently mention a particular attribute of your business as very important?

Your goal should be to understand the aspects of your customers’ experience that drives satisfaction and ensure that you consistently deliver on those items. Take those aspects where you excel and include them in your communications with customers to reinforce your commitment to satisfying the items that they deem important. Together, these simple steps can help you build a loyal customer base.  

Flying The JetBlue Skies

It is not a shock that J.D. Power finds overall customer satisfaction with airlines in 2009 has declined for a third consecutive year to a four-year low. Their studies indicate that the decline is driven by decreased passenger satisfaction with in-flight services, flight crew and costs and fees.

It is a bit surprising to find Alaska Airlines ranked highest in customer satisfaction among traditional network carriers and JetBlue Airways highest among low-cost carriers.

I’m a huge fan of JetBlue and I’m still bummed that they no longer service Nashville. However, I’m a little surprised that they beat out Southwest, an airline that I like and spend a lot of time with these days.

JetBlue performs particularly well in two of seven measures: aircraft and in-flight services. Following JetBlue in the segment rankings are Southwest Airlines and WestJet, in a tie.

Alaska Airlines performs particularly well in five of seven measures: flight crew; aircraft; boarding/ deplaning/baggage; check-in; and reservation.

JetBlue does a lot of things right and I have to believe that in-flight Direct TV is one of the reasons they are number one on the survey. If you have to be delayed, having live satellite is a huge bonus. Plus it mitigates the annoyance of being delayed.

So here’s my plea to number two ranked Southwest, I want my Direct TV.