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What About Kohl's?

According to BIGresearch’s monthly national Consumer Intentions and Actions (CIA) Survey, Walmart is building a stronger hold on the Men’s sector, and Kohl’s continues to gain new customers in this department as well. Walmart tops the list, with 15.4% shopping there most often (up from 14% last year), while Kohl’s places second at 9.6%, increasing almost two points from ’08 (7.8%). JC Penney is third with 8.7% (also gaining from a year ago), while Macy’s (5.5%) and Target (3.2%) complete the Top 5.

While it is not a surprise that Walmart is up in any category, it is surprising that more people are not talking about Kohl’s. Kohl’s is well positioned for this market, and the current focus on private labels favors a retailer like Kohl’s. Judging from the stock charts for Kohl’s, I’m not the only one who has noticed. I just wished I had thought of it earlier.