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Wine In Tennessee

Some Just Have To Pay More For Vino

According to Scarborough Research, here are the top 15 DMAs for adults who spend $20 or more on wine:

New York, NY

San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, CA

Hartford/New Haven, CT

Los Angeles, CA

Miami/Ft.Lauderdale, FL

Bakersfield, CA

Columbus, OH

Fresno/Visalia, CA

Houston, TX

Knoxville, TN

Las Vegas, NV

Memphis, TN

Nashville, TN

Oklahoma City, OK

Philadelphia, PA

Most of these cities make total sense. However, I find it a bit odd that the three largest metros in Tennessee rank in the top 15. Tennessee’s liquor laws do restrict sales to independently owned and licensed liquor stores.  I have feeling that this is more related to higher than average wine prices in Tennessee instead of a penchant for a good wine.

Not to say that Tennessee doesn’t have good taste in wine, they just have to pay more for a good bottle of wine which pushes the numbers up.

Here’s a toast for the campaign for wine in Tennessee grocery stores . If they are successful in the next legislative session, they should be able to help the wallets of wine lovers in Tennessee and knock some of these cities off the list.