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Recharge, Reassess and Prioritize

It is true that entrepreneurs, freelancers and other self-employed professionals struggle to take vacations or time off. I have done numerous studies that prove what we all know: yes, business owners have trouble turning off and checking out from work.

Now that I’m part of this group, I can personally attest to the difficulty of turning off the business side of my brain and not thinking about business. Last week I actually took some time off and tried to check out. There were some business issues that needed to be addressed and most were easily remedied.

Since I was not able to totally check out, I did the next best thing. I used the time to “Blue Sky” some ideas and with a very relaxed brain prioritize the things that were important and needed to be addressed now.

It is important to recharge, reassess and determine your path for next six months. Hopefully, I did that last week.