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Theme Explorer

VoxPopMe Launches Theme Explorer

Video is becoming more and more popular on social media platforms, but how about incorporating video into market research? VoxPopMe is the company from Birmingham, England that is the leading platform for video responses in market research. There are a couple of different ways firms can use VoxPopMe services.

Companies can embed a link from VoxPopMe straight into a survey that will allow respondents to record a 15 – 60 second video of themselves answering a question. The idea is that this response can take the place of a traditional blank text box and will lead to more thoughtful and insightful responses. With the VoxPopMe video in your survey, respondents will not have to go to another site or open a new window, the video can be recorded right on a laptop or smartphone within the original survey.

Additionally, companies can pose questions on the VoxPopMe app and reach more than 10 million global respondents. To check it out, I downloaded the app and answered some of the questions. The app is very easy to use and shows you a prompt as well as follow up questions for your video response. Your response must be at least 15 seconds and no more than 60 seconds, and the app will prompt you if you need to get brighter lighting or speak louder. For different questions, respondents can be paid for their answers. This incentive is thought to make for more thoughtful and meaningful answers. The incentives, however, are not high with each question valued at about $0.75 per video. I think VoxPopMe has a bright future especially in regards to brand reviews and opinions about ads.

VoxPopMe just unveiled a new and very exciting feature, “theme explorer.” I spoke with Dean Macko, the managing director of the North American branch of VoxPopMe to hear more about this new feature. Essentially, this technology can analyze all responses on a specific question and then tell you which themes and key insights are important and reoccurring. It can show the key themes from all of the responses so that you have an idea of what to look for before watching some or all of the videos. Instead of having people go through all the responses and code them, theme explorer will do all the leg work in much less time.  VoxPopMe also analyzes responses based on sentiment so that you can see if a respondent is positive, neutral, or negative at first glance. There is also a system set in place to take the best videos to the top of the pack. When I asked Mr. Macko what makes a video the “best,” he emphasized that video and audio quality is the most important part. The best videos also answer all of the questions, including prompt questions, and uses most of the time.

All in all, VoxPopMe can embed video responses into your survey and then analyze the responses, show you overarching themes, bring the best videos to the top, and show you the sentiment of responders at first glance. I think that VoxPopMe is in a position to make video research approachable and affordable in the market research industry.

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