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Testimonials Only Improve Sales If They Are Targeted

Getting your delighted customers to share their stories of satisfaction with your business can be a powerful marketing tool, John Jantsch writes at Duct Tape Marketing. He offers several ways to capture these testimonials, such as creating an automated form or holding a party for your clients.

Testimonials are tried and true and part of the fabric of sales. I’ve heard them called a lot of different names  (10 Tall Tales was one of the most creative) and they are truly effective if it applies to the customers need. Prospects want to hear what you’ve done for your previous clients. If they have a customer retention problem, a testimonial about driving traffic to a customer holds little punch. Prospects want to hear success stories that closely resemble their current issues.

It all begins with an understanding of the customer’s needs. If you don’t know what’s bugging them, ask. Then tell them about the amazing successes you have had with previous customers.