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Opposition To The Affordable Care (ACA) Holds Steady

Fifty-two percent of American adults polled by Gallup disapprove of the Affordable Care Act (commonly called Obamacare). Forty-two percent believe their family would fare worse under the law.

Among the forty-four percent who support the law, 22% think it will help their family and 33% think it will have little effect. As you might guess, support was higher among Democrats and among people without health insurance.

Gallup’s findings mirror a CNN/ORC International survey conducted near the same time. In the ORC survey 43% of the public back the ACA, while 54% of the respondents say they are against it.

These findings mirror what we have seen in our own polls. A majority have opposed the bill since the law’s passage in 2010. The stability of these numbers has been rather remarkable over the past few years.