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Keystone Pipeline

Americans Support Fracking and the Keystone Pipeline

Keystone Pipeline

Gauging public opinion based on what you hear and see in the news or emanating from Hollywood is always a dicey proposition. Oil pipelines and fracking are just the latest examples of how the media are often out of sync with most consumers.

While the media and Hollywood oppose expansion of fracking and the Keystone pipeline, U.S. consumers solidly support both issues.

The Robert Morris University Polling Institute found that more than half (56%) of Americans favor hydraulic fracturing even in their own community. It’s one thing to support fracking in someone else’s backyard, it’s quite another when your support it in your own community.

The lingering sluggish of the economy has taken a toll on middle income Americans and fuel costs are as important to this group as food and shelter costs. The promise of cheaper oil and natural gas is a huge selling point to struggling consumers.

Most Americans also support building more pipelines.

In a survey commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute, 8 in 10 Americans are in favor of building new pipelines and other energy infrastructure. The survey also found that 7 in 10 respondents back the Keystone XL pipeline proposal.

When it comes to pocketbook issues like fuel costs, most consumers will support initiatives that would put more of their money back into their pocket, especially in an economy this tight. Opposition to fracking and Keystone are both losing propositions.