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Employee Retention

Bad Bosses: 5 Types That Drive Employees Away

Entrepreneur’s Daily Dose Blog looks at an OfficeTeam survey, which shows that nearly 40% of workers have quit a job because of a horrible boss. The survey breaks down the five most common types of bad bosses and how to identify them. Any of these sound familiar?

  • Micromanager: Just can't delegate, and when you do, you're double-checking the work just to make sure it's being done the way you would have done it.
  • Poor communicator: With little or no direction offered, workers waste time as they fumble about trying to guess what you want.
  • Bully: Easily frustrated? Lose your cool with employees and start yelling? Is it your way or the highway?
  • Saboteur: You're taking credit for workers' ideas and successful projects. On the other hand, if things go wrong, a worker is getting the blame.
  • Mixed nuts: I had one boss like this once -- happy and laid back one minute, snapping orders the next.