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Employee Loyalty

What Motivates Employees? How Do You Get The Most Out of Your Staff?

One of the key challenges for any executive or business owner is motivating workers.

To help you get the most out from your employees, I’ve compiled a list of best practices that can help you turn your staff into motivated and loyal employees. Research has shown that these are the items valued by employees in high performing and growing organizations.

  • Communicate a clear and compelling vision of where the organization is headed, how to get there, and what it means for your people

  • Articulate a clear direction and strategy for winning, and translate it into specific goals and targets

  • Talk to your employees and discuss the direction of the organization and their part in making it happen

  • Ensure individual employees understand what is expected of them, have sufficient authority and feel accountable for delivering results 

To develop employee loyalty and enthusiasm, you need to motivate your team to perform at their very best. In survey after survey, we have found that strong scores on these items indicate highly performing organizations with enthusiastic and loyal employees.