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Sir, You Know This Is Being Taped? Right?

Ok, I’m not a fan but...

Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, D-W.V., has called on Cigna to explain why it allegedly "purges" small businesses whose employees have "serious health problems." Wendell Potter, a former Cigna executive, told Rockefeller's Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee in June that insurance companies raise the premiums on small businesses reporting higher-than-expected claims to a point that the businesses cannot afford to pay them -- sometimes leaving workers uninsured. Cigna has denied the practice.

Unfortunately for Cigna, their CEO’s own words (or bravado) may come back to bite them. From the WSJ:

Rockefeller told Hanway that Potter's description was consistent with a discussion during a Cigna investor teleconference in February. During that call, the senator noted, Cigna President David Cordani told investors that in 2008, the insurer was actively decreasing its posture in the small-group market. "You could use the term purge, if you like," Cordani said at the time. "You can use the term hard harvests or soft exits."

Rockefeller asked Hanway to supply answers by Aug. 19 to several questions, including what Cordani meant when he used those terms to describe the company's approach to the small business group health insurance market, and why Cigna decided last year to pursue that strategy.

I guess Cordani could not just let it go. We are getting out of the business was not sufficient so he just kept going. Rule number one. If it is on tape or stated in public, treat it like it will be printed on the front page of the WSJ. Make your statement and don’t go any further. Showing off will only get you into trouble or in this case hauled before a Senate Committee.