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Pocketbook Vs The Medicine Cabinet

During a rough economy, pocketbook issues are always number among voters. According to the latest American Pulse™ Survey, a majority of Americans (55.5%) think the #1 issue that the President and Congress should be focusing their attention on is the economy.  Following not so closely behind is: Healthcare Reform (18.3%), Terrorism (6.4%), Social Security (5.8%) and Afghanistan (5%).

Seemingly, everyone and everything is focused on healthcare and not the economy. Talk about ignoring the needs of your customers/voters.

The study also found that 81.9% of Americans say the U.S. Government is spending too much. Of those who agree, 76.9% say the high level of spending may be sacrificing future economic growth. Over 60% of Americans have negative feelings towards Government spending.

Regarding Government spending, which of the following best describes your feelings?  (Adults 18+)     

Angry, debt is bad                                               


Happy, debt is good if it helps people                     


Powerless, no one in Government                  
seems to care      


Empowered, the more Government               
does, the better it is for everyone





Yes, healthcare reform is important. But not addressing the country’s number one issue and piling up a mountain of debt in the process is irrational and incredibly out of touch. Is it really a wonder that more than one out of three Americans say they feel powerless in regards to government spending? A lot can happen in a year, but I have no doubt that voters will be empowered to punish incumbents in 2010.