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Notice a Pattern?

According to MRI, here are the top 10 DMAs for adults who spent more than $150 on eyeglasses in the past 12 months:

  1. Ft. Smith/ Fayetteville/ Springdale/ Rodgers, Ark.
  2. Waco/ Temple/ Bryan, Ala.
  3. Huntsville/ Decatur (Florence), Ala.
  4. Minneapolis/ St. Paul
  5. Shreveport, La.
  6. Cedar Rapids/ Waterloo/ Iowa City & Dubuque, Iowa
  7. Knoxville, Tenn.
  8. Louisville, Ky.
  9. Tri-Cities, Tenn./ Va.
  10. Birmingham (Anniston and Tuscaloosa), Ala.

Source: MRI's Market-by-Market study

Notice any patterns in these cities?

Here’s a hint:

  1. University of Arkansas
  2. Baylor/Texas AM
  3. University of Alabama Huntsville/Alabama AM/Embry Riddle
  4. University of Minnesota
  5. Louisiana Tech/Grambling
  6. University of Iowa
  7. University of Tennessee
  8. University of Louisville
  9. East Tennessee State University/King College
  10. University of Alabama/University of Alabama Birmingham

Just a guess, but I would think per capita eyeglass purchases would be higher in towns close to a major university. The key to good research is to look beyond the bar charts and the top ten list. Understanding why these are top DMA’s is the real value of research.