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Making Your Own Way To Happiness

Self-employed business and factory owners scored the highest in the most recent Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, a statistic that has psychologists touting the significance of personal freedom at work, control of time and ability to respond to hardships like the recession.

Seeking out enjoyable work and finding a way to do it on your own terms, with some control over both the process and the outcome, is essential to fuel satisfaction and contentment. This is one of the main drivers for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Now more than ever, this a lesson employers need to take into account.  With layoffs and longer hours, it is important for employers to take heed of these lessons and find ways to give their employees some sense of control. Next year, the employment situation will improve and your employees will be seeking these types of opportunities.

Preparing now to hold on to your talent would be a very wise move. They will remember how you treated them during the rough times.