Finding true insight from market research is both art and science.

Targoz Strategic Marketing provides personalized, objective, timely and cost-effective market research services that help you make sense of your customers, markets or public opinion.

We help our clients sell their products, services, ideas, or cause through research-based consultancy that illustrates why people make the decisions they do and how they can best be influenced.

Areas where we can help your organization include:

  • Development and evaluation of new products and offerings
  • Assessment of target markets, including both emerging and existing markets
  • Influencing public opinion, promoting legislative initiatives, building reputations, and managing issues
  • Developing value propositions to more effectively differentiate your company, products or services from your competitors
  • Uncovering vulnerable customers or members and finding ways that you can retain them
  • Shaping public opinion, raising awareness and changing attitudes on social and policy initiatives
  • Moderating services and focus group management
  • Conducting commercial and residential energy efficiency program evaluations and market assessments

We specialize in a wide range of industries including small business, trade association, utilities, business to business, media, non-profit, and public affairs.

Whether you're embarking on a strategy of innovation or expanding into new markets, we achieve one common result. We help you make better marketing and business decisions.